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China is starting the next world beginning through the G20! If you understand China, you will understand the world

China is starting the next world beginning through the G20! If you understand China, you will understand the world

today's China is changing with each passing day, and it can even change its landscape step by step. But all changes are inseparable. When you start to pay attention to the essence of change, rather than the results of change. You will more and more deeply realize the regular wave

1. China's future industries are divided into three types:

the one-dimensional world is being demolished and rebuilt, the two-dimensional world is divided (BAT control), the three-dimensional world is being formed, and high-dimensional challenges and low-dimensional always have advantages. So online stores can disperse physical stores, and wechat rivals must be born in the field of intelligence. Therefore, the real good play is still to come

2. China's current enterprises are divided into three levels:

the only way out for enterprises in the future is to upgrade to a platform. The essence of platform is to provide creators with opportunities to create value

3. Evolution theory of Chinese Internet:

pc internet solves information symmetry, mobile Internet solves efficiency docking, and the future Internet of things needs to solve the interconnection of everything: free sharing of data and distribution of value on demand. Shui Muran believes that the essence of Internet + is to build a bottom building so that everyone above can quickly find a goal. Whether you are looking for customers, lovers or partners

4. Evolution theory of Chinese e-commerce:

pc internet solves information symmetry, mobile Internet solves efficiency docking, and the future Internet of things needs to solve the interconnection of everything: free sharing of data and distribution of value on demand. The essence of Internet + is to build an underlying building so that everyone above can quickly find their goals. Whether you are looking for customers, lovers or partners

5. China's e-commerce is changing the urban pattern

"Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen" is becoming "Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou". The decline of traditional trade will pull Guangzhou down, and the rise of cross-border e-commerce will help Hangzhou up. In the future, China's urban pattern should be "Beijing's power regulation + Shanghai's financial operation + Shenzhen's intelligent technology + Hangzhou's e-commerce"

6. Evolution theory of China's economic structure:

from "production according to plan and consumption according to plan", to "production according to market and distribution according to profit", and then to "production according to consumption and distribution according to value", Shui Mulan believes that in the future, China will "produce according to demand and distribute according to demand" to meet all human needs, which is communism

7. The direction of China's industrial chain is counterattacking

therefore, the group of traditional dealers will disappear, and a large number of designers who can transform into products according to the ideas of consumers will appear

8. Evolution theory of Chinese advertising format:

traditional advertising always relies on the power of the media to influence people, such as the bidding of CCTV. Later, Internet advertising began to rely on technology to achieve accurate delivery, such as by region, by revenue, by time. Later, the rise of social media enables good advertising to spread spontaneously. In the future, the best advertising must be the product itself, and the best product must also have advertising effect

9. The core of China's business competition has experienced:

real estate business is location, traditional Internet business is traffic, and we media business is fans. The future is a battle between "influence" and "appeal", and the instantaneous linkage of "core fans" is the "gravitational wave" of future business

10. Evolution theory of Chinese media:

media is moving from concentration to divergence, from unity to balance. The rise of we media will produce two major results. First, it has aroused the creative enthusiasm of many people. Text, as a basic attribute of human beings, has finally been retrieved, and the emotional side has been stimulated, which can nourish this increasingly mechanized world. Second, China's voice began to split, and ordinary people urgently demanded the decision-making power to participate in public affairs, such as who should be invited to the Spring Festival Gala. In the future, everyone is an we media, and the generation of information flow makes the media disappear

11. China will be more and more segmented:

the industry will be more and more vertical and the cooperation will be more and more perfect. Therefore, the traditional barrel principle is no longer tenable. In the past, we were always making up for our shortcomings, because your shortcomings limit your comprehensive level. In the future, we will continue to extend our strengths, because your strengths determine your level. Shui Muran believes that you only need to give full play to what you are good at, and others will cooperate with you. This is called the long board principle

12. The new social structure stresses "rules" rather than "relationships"

the traditional network of relationships in Chinese society has been constantly torn apart. New links based on value distribution are forming. Everyone is a node for value transmission. The new social structure stresses "rules" rather than "relationships". And your position and level are determined by the value you bring

13. Chinese people are changing from external demand to internal demand

external seeking means seeking relationships, channels, resources, contacts and opportunities. Internal seeking means being honest with the most real side of your heart and stimulating interest, enthusiasm, hope and ideal. When you do yourself well, external things will be attracted by you. This is the so-called "seeking others is better than seeking yourself"

14. Credit is priceless

for everyone in the future, one thing will become very important, that is credit. Behavior credit ability personality wealth. With the help of big data, your behavior deduces your credit value, and then with credit as the fulcrum, ability as the lever, personality as the driving force, the power range of joint leverage is the size of the world you control

15. The total wealth of traditional society is created in this way:

people rely on fixed companies to repeat fixed labor at fixed times and places, which belongs to passive labor. The total wealth of the future society is created in this way: people rely on their own strengths, point-to-point docking and completion of each demand, and fully integrate into every link of society, which belongs to active creation. Therefore, the wealth of the whole society will achieve fission type growth

16. 99% of companies and collectives in China will disappear, and various vertical platforms will be born

a large number of freelances have sprung up. The organizational structure of Chinese society has changed from company + employee to platform + individual. Everyone will break through the shackles of tradition and get a chance to be reborn. The key depends on whether you stimulate your potential energy. This is a real liberation movement

17. Everyone will be an independent economy in the future

that is, you can complete a task independently, and you can also rely on collaboration and organization to implement systematic projects. Therefore, society is not lack of trivial cultivators, nor is it lack of organizations and teams with the ability to implement vast projects

18. How to own your own products in the future

when you have an idea, you can express it first, then show it on the platform (such platforms will be more and more), and then attract people who like to place orders. After getting the order, you can find a factory to produce it (don't worry about too little, future production will be refined and customized), and then send it to consumers

19. China will have no jobs to work in the future

the essence of working is to sell your labor force at a fixed price without bearing the results. With the end of the employment era, you must take the initiative to think and solve problems, and strive to give full play to your strengths to create value for society and others, otherwise you will have no value for existence. Shui Muran believes that the Chinese way of working is upgrading from "making a living" to "creating"

20. China will have no business to do in the future

in traditional society, only all businesses can be done because the "supply" and "demand" of society are always misplaced due to the asymmetry of information, which requires businessmen's business behavior to connect with them and make profits. The business foundation built by the Internet will be more and more perfect, and the two can be accurately connected at any time in the future. All the intermediate links are gone, and the logic of earning the difference does not exist. The word "doing business" needs to be redefined. The set of thinking of Wenzhou people is completely out of date

21. China's social structure will become more and more sophisticated

in the past, every "demand" and "supply" was completed by enterprises, and in the future, it will be completed by individuals. It can be used as an analogy: if the economy is a blood circulation, its capillaries will be more abundant in the future, and the energy for transporting and supplying oxygen will be more powerful

22. The logic for Chinese people to find their faith is as follows:

specifically, China is establishing a perfect and reasonable social order so that everyone can do their best and get what they need. On this basis, a new order is formed, and the operation of the order will produce a new spirit, such as the spirit of contract. Spiritual collision inspires inner yearning. Once our hearts belong, this is faith

23. The highest realm of the rule of law is the rule of man, and the highest realm of the rule of man is no rule

what is no rule? That is, to rely on the correlation of interests to check and balance each other. In the Internet era, everyone has countless connection points with the outside world. Relying on these connection points, everyone's situation will be directly bound to their own behavior. Greed, laziness and ignorance, as the negativity of human nature, will be naturally restrained

24. The theme of Chinese business in the next decade will be inseparable. "Cross border interconnection"

based on Internet +, different industries penetrate, merge and unite with each other, thus forming a new superstructure of business. This is the content described in Shui Muran's work cross border war (published). Different business forms will check and balance each other, and finally reach a balanced state, so as to form a new business ecosystem

25. The improvement of China's future society cannot be separated from a group of people with "ingenuity":/p> that is, those who are down-to-earth. For example, craftsmen, programmers, designers, screenwriters, writers, artists and so on, because the Internet has built the framework of society, and the rest is soul filling! So even for ordinary jobs, their social status will be improved and respected

26. The bonus period of China's spiritual civilization is coming

the progress of traditional material civilization has begun to slow down, because industrialization has improved the layout of social hard facilities, the brutal growth period of materials has passed, and the Internet has completed all links, flexible content has begun to grow fiercely, and the new cultural industry is a growth point

27. China's private property will be more sacred in the future

everyone's behavior will revolve around interests, and the goal is simple and clear. Wealth distribution no longer needs to be led by the government, but a natural value feedback. Gather everyone's private interests and become the public of society, which is the prosperity of the people and the strength of the country

28. There are only three roles in China in the future, from bottom to top:

value providers rely on individual labor to create direct wealth, such as drivers, doctors, lawyers, etc. when they have great influence, they can create wealth by reputation, such as stars, writers, major directors, famous hosts, etc. Value integrators create indirectly by allocating social resources




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