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She can talk with nature; She can compete with gravity; She is not afraid of pressure, strong and right; She is a property that can be inherited and maintained; She is respected by thousands of people, but she never changes her original heart; She, what is it

she can talk with nature

she can compete with gravity

she is not afraid of pressure, strong and right

she is a property that can be inherited and maintained

she is respected by thousands of people, but she never changes her original heart

what is she

seeing is believing, magic opens

American Stanley home quality cabinet,

from plates to hardware,

accept any "quality" challenge you

"environmental protection" battle - Health escort, safety and comfort, enjoy the environmental protection of seeing is believing, and the quality of real materials. The fish tank cabinet made of environmental protection plates makes fish farming more reassuring. It is a fresh, clean and environmentally friendly water source, and the fish breathe freely, swim happily, live vigorously, and full of vitality

American Stanley home uses cabinet board. The base material is high-quality solid wood particle board, which is environmentally friendly, has strong nail holding power, and has good moisture-proof and waterproof effect. You don't have to worry about screws and laminates falling off, which is safe and durable, and takes care of your family's health

the formaldehyde emission reaches and exceeds the E0 level. The formaldehyde emission is close to zero after many sampling inspections by national testing institutions, which is far lower than that of similar brands. It is very environmental friendly. The elderly and infants at home are not afraid of it, which ensures the health and safety of you and your family to the greatest extent

"gravity" battle - pressure mountain? Strong resistance

drawer trio, take a new pose! Three employees stand in the drawer together, and the drawer is stable without shaking or deformation, and the plate is load-bearing

Yitong (clothes hanging rod) is pulled upward, which can bear the weight of two adults without any deformation and bending

Stanley home clothes hanger has a special product alkaline anodic oxidation treatment, which will not rust, oxidize and blacken. Both ends are made of hard high-grade zinc alloy die-casting, and the surface is plated with high-grade pearl chromium, which has strong rust resistance and corrosion resistance. The clothes hanging rod is firmly fixed to prevent sliding and rotation; The clothes hanging pole of this symmetrical separation technology says that the gravity is very strong, and even people have no problem hanging on it

there is also a rubber anti-skid belt on the clothes link (clothes hanging rod), which can prevent your clothes from sliding left and right and contacting each other. At the same time, it can protect the clothes hanger from sliding black and eliminate potential noise hazards; Even if you are sitting on the Yi Tong, you will not easily fall out, and your load-bearing capacity and balance force are no longer SEI, which is really awesome

whether it's wardrobe, decorative cabinet or tatami, the load-bearing capacity between functional areas is excellent

"Yan Yi" battle - fearless of the test of time, classic inheritance, trend closely followed

all series of American Stanley home products adopt the world's advanced production lines, inject the characteristics of human environment, home aesthetics, ergonomics and the "innovation" advocated by the company into the design of each product, and use eco-friendly materials, classic quality, fine technology and nanny service, Achieve a healthy home life for thousands of families

"brand" battle - strength endorsement, word of mouth

"this is not only a wardrobe, but also a heritage and value preserving property." In 2016, Stanley household products in the United States were comprehensively upgraded to continue to maintain high-quality product quality, meet consumer needs with innovative design and personalized quality, adhere to speaking with quality, and carefully make products. Its fine workmanship and environmentally friendly and healthy materials have won the favor of modern people, and truly achieve "wardrobe is not only a wardrobe, but also a heritage and value preserving property", Therefore, it is trusted and praised by the majority of consumers

if you are noble, everything is cheap; If you are cheap, everything is so expensive... The market is never about price, but value. We can't give you the cheapest price, but we can give you better, more powerful and more valuable quality cabinets





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