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Nearly 300 households in Shanghai rent radiation protection detectors that meet the low radiation standard, less than 10% of which meet the safety, health and low radiation standard. The Shanghai Environmental Protection Association recently released the statistics of 294 households applying for renting home installed radiation protection monitors, of which only 28 households fully meet the low radiation standard, less than 10%

from June 5 to August 5 this year, the Shanghai Environmental Protection Association launched the rental service of home decoration radiation protection monitors for citizens, and a total of 294 families successfully applied for the rental. In this survey and statistics, the safety and health level of the estimated annual radiation dose at home is divided into three levels: safe and healthy low radiation home, sub-health radiation home, and hazardous health radiation exceeding the standard home. The results showed that only 28 households (9.5%) fully met the standard; 196 households, accounting for 66.7%, met the sub-health radiation home; 70 households (23.8%) met the standard of radiation

according to the survey results, fengweiheng, a nuclear radiation expert from the Institute of environmental research of Shanghai Institute of environmental protection industry, explained to them that they had noticed this problem in the past few years. Sometimes they also adopted casting structure (cast steel, cast aluminum, etc.) and after the nuclear radiation accident in Japan in March this year, the whole society began to pay attention to the nuclear problem. Through analysis, they believe that the bathroom has the highest radiation level in the bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen. In the test, calculate the daily radiation amount and multiply it by 365 days to get the annual estimated value. If this estimated value is greater than one milliSievert per hour, it will exceed the standard and endanger health. There are two cases of less than, depending on the bedroom. If the bedroom is lower than the upper line of the local radiation level in Shanghai, it is qualified; If it exceeds, it indicates sub-standard and sub-health

in the interview, the citizens expressed concern about the radiation problem. Ms. Zeng: "the radiation level in the home is a little high, which is a panic. She calls for the protection of vulnerable groups. She feels that this problem is not paid enough attention to, because the radiation problem of home decoration is related to every family and needs to be solved urgently."

the citizens' mood of "turning pale at talking about nuclear weapons" was expressed by Xiang Yuanyi, a nuclear safety and protection expert. In fact, radiation is not terrible. The key is to see how to understand and treat it. Xiang Yuanyi said:

"Installing radiation protection monitoring instruments will be available to the public free of charge. In the final analysis, no matter whether the radiation level is high in the external or internal range, you can find the source first, and then take some targeted measures. If the household radiation level is within a normal range compared with the level of the whole Shanghai City, you can have a hundred hearts at ease. Radiation is everywhere, all the time, and people have it in the radiation environment Certain tolerance. The psychological burden on the public is completely unnecessary. "

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