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The customer service industry may usher in a revolution with the introduction of all intelligent solutions. The future is coming. On November 29, the cloud customer service product Qiyu under Yiqi held the China customer service exchange conference and the all Intelligent Strategy Conference of Yiqi fish in Beijing with many senior people in the customer service industry. Together with the professional committee of the customer contact center of China Electronic Commerce Association, it released the white paper on the status of the customer service industry. Yi Qiyu is the first in the industry to introduce a fully intelligent customer service solution for the customer service field, trying to apply artificial intelligence technology to the whole process of customer communication, intelligent service, service management and business decision-making, solve the pain points existing in the customer service industry, and bring a revolution to the customer service work

it is understood that this exchange conference is one of the few customer service industry events in China. Yi Qiyu also released a customer service light college dedicated to customer service training. It created a full-stage customer service training course from the communication skills required by grassroots customer service personnel to the performance formulation and team building concerned by customer service managers. Relevant courses will be opened to the public in yiqiyu and Yiyun

current situation of customer service: high turnover rate, low income of practitioners and poor job satisfaction

before the press conference, Yi Qiyu and the professional committee of customer contact center of China E-Commerce Association conducted in-depth research on China's customer service industry. The white paper on the status quo of the customer service industry (hereinafter referred to as the white paper) released by the two sides shows that China's customer service industry generally has problems such as high turnover rate, low educational background, low income, poor job satisfaction, high work intensity, boring and repetitive work content, etc

according to the questionnaire of the white paper, 75% of the customer service respondents are in the age group of years, and 77% of the customer service respondents have an average working life of less than 3 years. Among them, from the perspective of educational background, 70% of them have college degree or below, 71% of them have an annual income of less than 80000 yuan, and only 3% of them have an annual salary of more than 200000 yuan

enterprises' understanding of customer service is limited to the fact that it is a cost center, a department used to solve user problems after sales and even appease users. Xiaoyuyan, director of market operation of yiqiyu, explained that this is also the reason why customer service is not valued in enterprises and it is difficult to create value directly

according to other data in the white paper, both customer service specialists and customer service supervisors are generally low in job satisfaction. Among them, the main reasons for the dissatisfaction of the customer service specialists are high work intensity, low salary, many negative emotions, unclear promotion route, boring work content, etc. more than half of the customer service specialists express the intention to change careers to other jobs in the future. The main sources of dissatisfaction of the customer service supervisor lie in the difficulty in recruiting, the high cost of customer service training, the low work efficiency of employees, the time-consuming performance of data quality inspection, and the management's neglect

according to Duan Yuzheng, director of yiqiyu products, if there is no technical solution in the future, with the precipitous decline in the number of young people in China and the trend of young people to pursue personalized work, difficulties in recruiting people will become more obvious in the boring field of customer service. It is difficult to achieve obvious results by making efforts to recruit and train people. To solve the problems in the customer service industry, we need to get rid of the past crowd tactics and change from labor-intensive to technology intensive. In duanyuzheng's view, this is the trend of the mobile Internet era and the reason for the rise of Intelligent Cloud customer service

all intelligent solution: integrate artificial intelligence technology into the whole process of customer service work

as early as April this year, when Yi Qiyu announced its launch, it had launched an intelligent customer service robot. It solved 86% of the business consulting through intelligent reply, created a never offline customer service experience, and solved the service manpower problem for enterprises. At the press conference on November 29, Yi Qi released a full intelligent solution for the fish leading industry by controlling the carbonation process conditions and adding crystal guiding agent in the process of carbonation of light calcium carbonate, trying to integrate various artificial intelligence technologies into customer service links such as customer service response, management, reports, data, etc., so as to improve the efficiency of customer service and create a closed loop of customer service, Let customer service data generate business value

through easy seven fish, users will perceive the existence of artificial intelligence technology from login, consultation, order placement, after-sales and other links. For example, on the full intelligent customer service platform, once the user enters the service, the service prophet of Yi Qiyu will start, intelligently analyze the potential service needs of the customer through some of the customer's behavior characteristics and previous data, and the robot will explore the customer through active questioning, greatly improving the service efficiency of the customer service system and the customer experience. This is impossible for the traditional customer service system

in addition to the prophet, yiqiyu's full intelligent customer service system will also provide intelligent services such as man-machine mutual assistance mechanism, direct service, voice recognition, service monitoring, intelligent quality inspection, and the AVIC renewable strategic metals and alloys project (phase 1) undertaken by intelligent AVIC SHANGDA Metal Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. at a price of about 2000 yuan/ton, which will fundamentally change the traditional customer service

for example, for intelligent quality inspection, traditional customer service generally adopts the method of patrol inspection or spot check. Not only the monitoring area is small, there is no pertinence, but also the efficiency is very low, so it is difficult to really find problems. Missing serious problems may bring great losses to the enterprise. Yi Qiyu's monitoring adopts intelligent algorithms, which can replace the supervisor to keep an eye on the business concerns, and conduct real-time full inspection for the customer service. Once a problem is found, it will remind the supervisor to deal with it in a timely manner through an all-round alarm. Duanyuzheng said that Qiyu's all intelligent solutions are based on the service scenarios and service management needs, and the purpose is to make the customer service work more efficiently, Let the customer service supervisor master the service status and manage the team more comprehensively and effectively

the one click access to Qiyu's full intelligent solution through SaaS mode cloud service. In duanyuzheng's words, Xiaomi and rifles are instantly upgraded to aircraft carriers, making it easy for ordinary enterprises to have the ability that only oligarchs can have

according to the statistics of Qiyu, at present, its intelligent customer service robot can block 86% of the problems for enterprises. The accuracy of speech recognition is as high as 97%, the accuracy of service prediction is as high as 90%, and intelligent monitoring can expose 91% of the problems in the service

the future of the customer service industry: integration, specialization, intelligence and marketing

according to the white paper released by Yi Qiyu, the development of the domestic customer service system has experienced three changes: from the call center system in the early era, to the customer service system in the PC Internet era, and then to the rapidly developing intelligent customer service system. At present, customer service is the customer service system with the highest utilization rate of enterprises, reaching 73.9%, call center utilization rate of 50.7%, and intelligent customer service utilization rate of 31.5%. Duan Yuzheng said that although the current proportion is not high, intelligent customer service is obviously the general trend in the future, and intelligent customer service, including Yi Qiyu, has integrated call center and other modules, which can provide comprehensive service support for enterprises

however, Ruan Liang, general manager of yiqiyu, stressed that full intelligence is not an isolated technology or isolated function, but a comprehensive value chain, comprehensive technology, comprehensive application and comprehensive value embodiment. Full intelligence creates a value chain that integrates user value, service value, management value and business value

the customer service department is an enterprise window and a team that directly contacts users. The first-hand information about who users are, where they come from, how much they earn, what they like, what they care about, and what problems they often encounter comes from the service department. These are all very important data for enterprises. Ruan Liang said that Yi Qiyu's all intelligent solution is to open up the data chain, so that not only customer service can better understand users, but also enterprises can better understand users. By analyzing the data, we can optimize the business strategy, point out the adjustment direction and support the business decision-making. He predicted that the future customer service will be integrated, professional, intelligent and marketing oriented

as for the degree of artificial intelligence customer service in the future, Ruan Liang believes that intelligent customer service actually includes two aspects. On the one hand, it is the service side. For example, intelligent technology can help the service team deal with repeated problems. On the other hand, on the user side, intelligent technology allows users to enjoy convenient services

on the service side, generally speaking, it is to improve the work efficiency or change the things that cannot be done by manpower in the past. Therefore, if the experimental machine itself does not have high intensity. In the future, repetitive and manual work will be replaced by intelligent customer service, which will be carried out automatically in batches, that is to say, the services contacted by the user front end are likely to be robots. But at the same time, Ruan Liang believes that this does not mean that customer service will be completely replaced. Customer service will do more challenging, more valuable work that should be completed by people

he said that the penetration of intelligent technology into the back end, in addition to assisting the manual work to complete the work efficiently and with high quality, relying on big data technology, will help decision makers to conduct more comprehensive analysis and make more accurate business judgments. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the combination of speech recognition technology and traditional call centers brings more imagination, he added

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