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Nearly ten thousand "national standard" garbage cans took the lead in "settling down in the market and further improving the collaborative power of modified plastics". The new peel containers and garbage cans used by Tianjin Binhai New Area in the Shanghai WorldExpo meet the standards of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development. The long-term use of the experimental machine is inseparable from our usual protection and maintenance. Starting this month, it took the lead in installing them in the streets, alleys, parks and green spaces of Tianjin Binhai New Area. Subsequently, in line with this year's "300 days of struggle" comprehensive renovation project of city appearance and environment, the main streets, major parks and public places in the six districts and other districts and counties of the city will also be updated and used in succession

new garbage cans are more solid and beautiful

yesterday, the people's Tianjin window learned from the city's National Standardization Conference on waste containers that in the past, China did not set a unified quality standard for garbage cans and fruit cases used everywhere. In order to standardize the market and unify the construction industry standards, the Ministry of housing and construction of the people's Republic of China specially promulgated the general technical conditions for plastic garbage cans. Different from the plastic garbage cans and peels currently used in the city, the plastic garbage cans that meet the "national standard" and have the functions of overload protection no longer use the recycled materials with pollution and short service life, and the manufacturing process is no longer as rough as it used to be. Instead, the process that reaches the international first-class standard and uses high-density polyethylene as the raw material are adopted, so the plastic garbage cans produced are no longer as vulnerable to damage as the original garbage cans, And acid-base resistance, no odor, no pollution, high strength, no deformation. In particular, these new garbage cans and peel boxes that meet the new national standards are more fashionable in appearance, more beautiful in shape and various in personality patterns. In addition to the garbage cans suitable for urban roads and beautifying the urban environment, there are also various garbage cans suitable for parks and children in kindergartens and schools. The mouth of the garbage can in line with the "national standard" and the new garbage collection and transportation vehicle are completely equipped. The model selection of each experimental machine must meet the detection parameter set of materials

Binhai New Area updated 9100 garbage cans songyuyou, head of the city appearance and Environmental Sanitation Department of Binhai New Area city appearance and Environmental Protection Bureau, introduced that Binhai New Area took the lead in purchasing 2100 "national standard" peel containers and 7000 "national standard" garbage cans produced by Shanghai Otto environmental sanitation equipment Co., Ltd. through government procurement. Tens of thousands of old-fashioned peel boxes and garbage cans in the city will also be updated and used edge products in succession. According to caiyuyuan, President of Tianjin Environmental Sanitation Association, the "national standard" product production company was designated by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development as a unit to participate in the preparation of national standards for waste containers. The production base, tooling and equipment of this company have reached the current domestic leading and international first-class level

intelligent garbage cans are expected to help Jincheng

garbage cans report when they are "full", which is probably "Arabian Nights". It is reported that the bottom of this intelligent garbage can is equipped with an electronic board, which can be used for weighing. A camera is installed at the edge of the trash can dropping opening. Sanitation workers can monitor how full the garbage cans are in real time through remote software. When you are full, the garbage will cover the camera, so a red mark will be displayed to remind you. Such garbage cans are also equipped with a small solar panel on each of them for power supply. In the future, the sanitation workers in Tianjin are expected to use this kind of garbage can that can realize intelligent collection to plan the operation process through computer software, so as to greatly improve the operation efficiency

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