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How does Blueair Breuer Swedish household air purifier 403 remove formaldehyde

with the decline of air quality, the air purifier has become an essential household appliance in many families. Today, I'd like to present this blueair/Breuer Swedish household air purifier 403, which can effectively remove PM2.5 haze formaldehyde. Specifically, how about this air purifier? Let's take a look at the introduction of this configuration. Users comment on the advantages and disadvantages. I hope it can help friends in need to choose and refer to it Organize the production, marketing and research team to focus on tackling key problems

Breuer Swedish household air purifier 403

I. Introduction to configuration performance:

this Breuer Swedish household air purifier 403 can remove air conditioning odor, and the hepasilent technology is combined with electronic adsorption; With the dual technology of filtration, the filtration effect is superior to the mechanical or single electrostatic adsorption technology; It can remove harmful particles as low as 0.1 μ m, some of which are many times higher than particles. The Cadr value of formaldehyde is 150 m3/h; Air volume: 500 m3/h; Cadr value of particulate matter: 400 m3/h; Noise: db; Let's take a look at the comments of trial users on the advantages and disadvantages of this air purifier

second, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this product:

Breuer Swedish household air purifier 403


(1) the machine bought for the elderly, which the elderly like very much, and the high-end atmosphere is high-grade. Even when the express brother comes to deliver goods, he says that this brand is very good. It has been put into use. Looking at the photos below, I can feel that the air is much fresher. The professional air purifier has been tested to avoid rusting. The quality is strong

(2) for unpacking inspection, the concise design of northern Europe is the favorite. It frankly shows the quality in front of us, and there is no redundant design. Remove the plastic film of the filter, turn the only knob after power on, there is almost no sound on the first and second gears, I think it has not been started, and the fourth gear has strong wind force. In fact, the purifier is a simple thing. The filter is good, the motor is durable, and other functions are not so important.

(3) it does have an effect. Originally, there was a smell when the doors and windows of the room were closed, but it disappeared when the doors and windows were turned on. The air is really fresh. The machine seems to smell a little on the first day of use, but it doesn't smell after two days of use.

disadvantages: the delivery is slow, it's not intelligent, and it's impossible to check the effect, Too traditional

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