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Several steel enterprises in Jiangsu stopped production for rectification, and Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. denied the joint price rise

on April 24, media reported that Jiangsu steel mills stopped production in a large area, and 10 steel mills jointly increased prices. Securities conducted an investigation on this and learned that at present, steel enterprises in Xuzhou, including Jiangsu Xugang iron and Steel Group, are stopping production for rectification. Up to now, they have stopped production for rectification for nearly a week. Wuxi Xixing iron and Steel Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu Province is also in the state of shutdown and construction. Due to the large-scale shutdown and production reduction of regional steel mills, the short-term supply of the region has been reduced. As of yesterday, a total of 13 steel mills across the country have released price adjustment information. The practice of testing machine for steel prices is a kind of mechanical equipment that obtains data on mechanical properties. The range is 30 yuan/ton -80 yuan/ton


environmental protection shutdown intensifies.

the securities investigation learned that Xuzhou environmental protection bureau is fully implementing the prevention and control of air pollution, launching a "263" special action mobilization meeting, reducing coal consumption, strengthening industrial flue gas pollution control, strengthening industrial flue gas pollution control, and strengthening unorganized emission control. At present, iron and steel enterprises, including Jiangsu Xugang iron and Steel Group, are stopping production for rectification, which has a very broad prospect of utilization. Up to now, they have stopped production for rectification for nearly a week

in December last year, Xuzhou also carried out a comprehensive shutdown and rectification work to rectify air pollution. Xugang group stopped production for about half a month, and the latest one was a week ago

relevant people in Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone told securities that the shutdown and rectification carried out to rectify air pollution is not only for steel enterprises, but also for all districts of Xuzhou and Tongshan and other cities and counties. At present, 1000 enterprises within the jurisdiction of the economic and Technological Development Zone have stopped production for rectification, mainly small and scattered enterprises, and larger companies mainly include Carter and XCMG. For the time of rectification, at least until May, the control can be lifted only after the rectification is in place

steel enterprises deny that they have joined hands to raise prices

for the large-scale shutdown of steel plants in Xuzhou area, Xu Lin, Secretary of the board of directors of Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., told securities that they were also aware of this situation and did not know whether there was a large-scale shutdown in other parts of Jiangsu

the securities also learned that the steel mills participating in the price adjustment announced by the institution on April 24 are mainly 10 steel mills, including Shanxi Meijin, Shougang Changzhi, Lucheng Xingbao, Shanxi Licheng Taihang, Henan Jiyuan, Shuigang Guiyang, Chenggang Guiyang, Kunming Steel Kunming, with a range of 30 yuan/ton to 80 yuan/ton. On April 24, Nangang Panluo HRB400, Panluo hrb400e, deformed steel HRB400 and deformed steel hrb400e also adjusted their prices by 50 yuan/ton

on the evening of April 25, the agency released the news again. A total of three steel mills across the country released price adjustment information, with an increase of 10 yuan/ton -150 yuan/ton. According to the steel, on April 25, the main contents of this project are as follows: through technical transformation (adjustment and addition of some equipment) and extending the operation time, the price of TDI combined device was adjusted by 70 yuan/ton

but for the price adjustment, Xu Lin believes that it is not a joint price increase. "In fact, it's a price that goes with the market, and the price changes every day."

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