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China's iron and steel industry has had a "good day" that it hasn't had for many years. "

" this year, the iron and steel industry has had a "good day" that it hasn't had for many years. " Liu Zhenjiang, Secretary General of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, said at the information conference held on the 31st that many polyurethane and phenolic units had participated in the renovation project of old residential areas in Beijing. Thanks to the favorable policies and markets, and thanks to the supply side structural reform, the benefits of China's iron and steel enterprises continued to improve in the first three quarters, and the industry's operation achieved unprecedented stability, which was being integrated into a production line

data show that from January to September, the member steel enterprises of China Iron and Steel Association achieved a profit of 229.963 billion yuan, which has exceeded the total profit of 2017, with a year-on-year increase of 86.01%, reversing the situation of meager profits and even losses for many years, and achieving the best performance in history

the sales profit margin of the iron and steel industry has also reached the lowest level of the industrial industry in previous years, which "selling tons of steel is better than selling kilograms of cabbage", and has risen to the average level of Industrial Enterprises above the national scale

according to Liu Zhenjiang, the "good days" of iron and steel enterprises on the one hand come from steady economic growth, and infrastructure construction has supported the growth of steel demand. In the first three quarters, the national crude steel and steel production increased by 6.07% and 7.21% year-on-year respectively, but the steel inventory remained at a low level, which showed that there was a real boom in supply and marketing

on the other hand, thanks to the stable iron ore price, the high ore price has always been an important reason to lower the profits of iron and steel enterprises. According to the statistics of CISA, the order of the iron ore market has improved significantly this year. From January to September, the price of imported iron ore across the country fell slightly, which enabled downstream steel enterprises to maintain better profits

"in terms of price, steel prices fell in the first quarter, but large backbone enterprises stabilized market prices and expectations. Since this year, steel prices have not soared or plummeted, and remain within a reasonable range." Liu Zhenjiang said

as one of the industries with the highest leverage ratio and the greatest pressure on environmental protection, iron and steel enterprises took the initiative to repay debts after the benefits improved. At the end of September, the asset liability ratio of member enterprises of China Iron and Steel Association was 66.11%, a year-on-year decrease of 3.91 percentage points; The second is to actively implement ultra-low emissions. Most of the investment in the whole industry this year is environmental protection investment, and the level of energy conservation and environmental protection has been continuously improved

"the steel industry will face more challenges in the fourth quarter and next year." Liu Zhenjiang said that from the perspective of operation, iron ore prices have shown signs of rising recently, while the financing costs of the steel industry are still high. The financial expenses of enterprises in the first three quarters increased by 12.5% year-on-year, which will squeeze the profits of steel mills

in addition, the problem of excess steel production capacity has not been completely solved on the basis of preserving some characteristics of plastics to a large extent. "In September, the daily output of crude steel in China hit another record high, reaching 2.695 million tons, especially the problem of excess plate. The whole industry should view the market situation rationally and maintain a basic balance between supply and demand." Liu Zhenjiang said

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