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This year, the steel used in automobile and shipbuilding is expected to reach 28million tons. On August 8, at the second China steel traders Summit Forum held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, industry experts predicted that the steel consumption of automobile and shipbuilding industries in 2009 reached 15million tons and 13million tons respectively, and the total amount reached 28million tons, so customers can freely choose the required electromechanical protection grade and cooling method tons

Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary General of the China Automobile Industry Association, said that the annual car sales in 2009 were expected to exceed 11million, compared with 9.38 million last year. The amount of steel used for automobiles will reach 15million tons, of which the ratio of steel plate to structural steel is 3:1

automobile industry is one of the main industries of steel consumption. The steel products used in automobile manufacturing mainly include section steel, medium plate, thin plate, steel strip, high-quality steel, steel pipe, etc

tannaifen, deputy director of China Shipbuilding Industry Association, said that it is conservatively estimated that in 2009, China's shipbuilding completion will exceed 40million deadweight tons, an increase of about 13% over 2008. Since bulk carriers accounted for more than 60% of the ships to be delivered in 2009, and large bulk carriers accounted for a relatively high proportion, the steel consumption per deadweight ton was relatively reduced. It is estimated that the total consumption of shipbuilding steel in 2009 was about 13million tons, including 11.7 million tons of ship plates, 1.2 million tons of section steel and spherical flat steel, and 400000 tons of pipes

it can be seen from the current new ship orders held in China that if there is no large-scale cancellation of ship orders, China will have the strength to achieve a shipbuilding output of 50million tons by 2011, and in the near future, China's shipbuilding steel volume will increase to between 17million tons and 18million tons

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