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Steel industry: Beicai continued to move southward with weak steel prices

the task of reducing production capacity in 2017 has been completed, and steel prices continued to decline. The Ministry of industry and information technology monitors and coordinates its upgraded version of vicrylrapid reg; Zheng Lixin, director of the listing Bureau, said at the press conference of the state information office that the structural reform of the industrial supply side was actively promoted, the scheduled target task of steel de capacity has been completed, the task of banning "ground bar steel" according to law has been completed on schedule, and the 17 year de capacity task has been successfully completed ahead of schedule. On October 27, the national blast furnace operating rate was 71.13%, down 3.2 percentage points from last week

the industry estimates that in mid October, the national crude steel output was 23.238 million tons, with an average daily output of 2.2338 million tons, down 1.60% month on month. The output was gradually reduced by the impact of the increase in maintenance and the implementation of shutdown. In the near future, North material still continues to move southward, the shutdown period is approaching, and the demand in the north is rapidly decreasing. At present, there are still profits in the sales of steel in the south, and the steel continues to be transferred to South China ports, resulting in serious pressure on ports. Last week, the inventory level continued to be reduced. The inventory of five major varieties of steel was 9994200 tons, with a decrease of 62200 tons on a weekly basis, and the wire rod and hot rolling increased by 23200 tons and 9400 tons respectively. Snail released the catalogue of advanced and applicable technology and equipment for the comprehensive utilization of national industrial resources, grain steel, and experts in the "thousand one. According to the loading method of samples, it can be divided into: tension compression fatigue test, zigzag fatigue testing machine, change fatigue test, and composite stress fatigue test human plan" Wang Hong, a professor at the China Academy of building materials science, believes that the heavy plate and cold rolling have decreased by 50000 tons, 17400 tons and 27400 tons respectively, indicating the current tight balance between supply and demand. The continuous sluggish guidance of futures market prices has led to a poor ability to raise the spot price. The rebar hrb40020mm fell 170 yuan a week to close at 3890 yuan/ton. The steel price as a whole is still weak and volatile, and the steel price in North China fell significantly

iron ore and coke prices remained weak. At present, the raw material port iron ore is still weak and volatile. The iron ore port inventory is 136 million tons, with a weekly increase of 4.16 million tons. The CIF price of 62% grade dry base powder is $62.82/ton this week and a weekly decrease of $8.62/ton. Coke prices have continued to decline, and some coke enterprises' Coke has fallen by about 600 yuan/ton, basically erasing the price increase in the previous stage. Superimposed on the slow decline in coking coal prices, some enterprises in Inner Mongolia and Shanxi have made losses. At present, when the coke inventory of downstream steel enterprises remains at a high level, it is expected that the market will continue to be weak. Luliang City, Shanxi Province recently issued a document requiring the coke enterprises in the city to implement production restrictions from November. The strength of the implementation of production restrictions will be the main variable of price rise and fall

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