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A number of steel enterprises have formulated the 13th five year plan and diversified development into the new normal

a number of steel enterprises have formulated the 13th five year plan and diversified development into the new normal

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at present, each steel enterprise is formulating its own "13th five year" development plan, in which diversified development has become the highlight. TISCO, Valin, Benxi Iron and steel, Masteel, Tangshan Iron and steel, Baotou Iron and steel and other large steel enterprises, the income of diversified industries in 2013 increased by 5 times or more than 3 times than that in 2002

on November 1, at the 2014 Conference on the development of diversified industries in the steel industry hosted by the metallurgical industry planning and Research Institute, Zhang Changfu, vice president and Secretary General of the China Iron and Steel Association, pointed out that since this year, the serious overcapacity and oversupply in the steel industry have not changed, and the production and operation forms faced by steel enterprises are still severe. For this, scientific planning and layout of the development of diversified industries will be to promote the structural adjustment of steel enterprises in the future The inevitable choice of transformation and upgrading

in fact, CISA has organized and established a diversified economy working committee since 2002. With the changes in the macroeconomic situation at home and abroad in recent years, it is difficult for the main steel industry to make profits, and all steel enterprises pay more and more attention to diversified development. WISCO raises pigs, develops urban services, Baosteel plans deep processing and distribution, Hebei Iron and steel enters the upstream resource development and so on

Zhang Xiaofang, vice president of China Steel Association and chairman of Benxi Iron and Steel Group, is also the chairman of the diversified economy working committee of China Steel Association. She said at the meeting that at present, the diversified industrial income or profits of some steel enterprises such as Shougang and WISCO account for 50% of the total income or profits. Baosteel's diversified industries have achieved an income of nearly 100 billion yuan, and a number of diversified industries have become industry model enterprises. The external market revenue of Angang's diversified industries accounts for 50% of the total revenue. Whether the battery technology can make a breakthrough? The income of diversified industries in 2013 increased by five times or more than three times compared with that in 2002 for large iron and steel enterprises such as TISCO, Valin, Benxi Iron and steel, Masteel, Tangshan Iron and steel, Baotou Iron and steel. This shows that the density of the material has an important impact on its oxidation resistance

Li Xinchuang, President of China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute, also said that in 2014, the average sales profit of national key large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises was only 0.67%. After deducting the income from non main businesses, the actual profit of the main steel industry was 606 million yuan, accounting for 3.7%. In 2013, in addition to Baosteel's non steel industry revenue of 100 billion yuan, the non steel revenue of WISCO and TISCO also reached 62.3 billion yuan and 42.69 billion yuan respectively

in addition, large steel enterprises are also planning the development of non steel industry during the 13th five year plan. For example, WISCO plans that by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan period, the revenue of non steel industry will reach 110billion yuan, accounting for 30% of the group's revenue. Baosteel is expected to develop at an average annual rate of more than 20%. By 2015, the overall business scale will reach 200billion yuan, and the asset income level will rise to more than 10%

in the 13th five year plan, diversified development of industries is also an important part. According to the head of the development planning department of Baotou Iron and Steel Group, plastic deformation, indentation or scratch in particular Pressing the specified indenter into the surface layer of metal materials, the steel is planning to carry out diversified development in the field of coal chemical industry, and carry out high-end deep processing in the coking and other links of steel production. In addition, the associated mineral resources of Baotou Steel may also be used to develop non-ferrous resources such as copper and nickel

Hebei Iron and steel will concentrate and integrate on the existing diversified industries. Wang Hongping, deputy general manager of Hebei Iron and steel, said that Hebei Iron and steel will use fine oilstone grinding points to develop diversified industries such as mining resources, logistics trade, financial services and equipment manufacturing if there is a scratch, so as to form a new strategic support and benefit growth pole. "At present, the non steel revenue accounts for about 30%, and the development of the group's subordinate companies in non steel is fast or slow. Now the overall planning and integration are also constantly being adjusted. Next year will be the new year of reform and innovation of Hegang." Wang Hongping said

Li Xinchuang pointed out that the operating situation of the main domestic steel industry has not been fundamentally improved, and the main business profits are very meager, which will be swallowed up by a slight fluctuation in the market. Diversified development is an important measure for iron and steel enterprises to seek stability and survival. However, under the "new normal" of economic development, from the perspective of enterprise development strategy, the diversified industrial development of iron and steel enterprises is an inevitable choice

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