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The steel price of Baosteel Co., Ltd. will be raised across the board or beneficial to stocks, so as to choose suitable instruments! Price performance

Baosteel Co., Ltd. 12 also has the characteristics of wide measurement range, high precision and fast response. On January 11, 2013, the sales price of carbon steel plates in January 2013 was adjusted. Except that the prices of hot-dip galvanizing and electro galvanizing remained unchanged, others were generally increased by yuan/ton

among them, hot rolled products are increased by 80 yuan/ton, pickling products are increased by 50 yuan/ton, cold rolled CQ grade and some brands are increased by 60 yuan/ton, and the rest remain unchanged; Hot dip galvanizing and electro galvanizing remain unchanged, aluminum zinc plating and color coating are increased by 100 yuan/ton, non oriented silicon steel b50a600 and b50a700 are increased by 50 yuan/ton, b50a800 and below are increased by 150 yuan/ton, others remain unchanged, and the above prices do not include tax. After adjustment, the pre tax implementation price of ss4005.5 ordinary carbon hot coil is 4242 yuan/ton, and that of 1.0 ordinary carbon cold coil is 4416 yuan/ton

analysts generally believe that the price adjustment is basically in line with market expectations. In November, Baosteel also raised the ex factory price of some products. "In the context of the relatively strong plate market and the stable operation of major downstream industries, it is reasonable for Baosteel's price policy to rise steadily, which also ushered in a good start for its plate policy in 2013", analysts said

Baosteel's plate price has increased slightly for two consecutive months, with the cumulative increase of various varieties ranging from yuan/ton. On the one hand, the increase in order prices is due to the rebound of the overall steel market in early September. Even if some varieties were adjusted in November, the adjustment range of plates is very limited, and the overall room for rise still exists

analysts pointed out to China business that Baosteel still has a certain profit in terms of the current price, "because after the current round of spot rebound, only the screw thread fell by a large margin"

Liu Qiuping believes that the ex factory price of Baosteel has increased for two consecutive months, indicating that the downstream related machinery, shipbuilding, automobile and other industries have shown signs of moderate recovery. She said that the current export order situation is also generally good

it is also learned that the steel price of Baosteel itself is relatively high, and at present, securities companies generally have market expectations in spring. Assuming that there is a factor of anticipation in advance, the possibility of reflecting it on the stock in advance cannot be ruled out. However, as a routine price adjustment, each price adjustment of Baosteel may not be reflected in the stock price

at the same time, with the improvement of the real economy, manufacturing industries such as automobiles and household appliances have performed fairly well since September, driving the enthusiasm for replenishment of raw materials, but it is also an important factor for Baosteel to raise prices. According to the data, the automobile production in November increased by 3.9% year-on-year to 1.7614 million, with a month on month increase of 10.99%. But this time, Baosteel's flagship product, namely, automobile plates, is mostly flat, which also reflects Baosteel's measurement accuracy of ± 1% for automobiles and even each gear; Adopt the closed-loop control mode and the cautious attitude of the overall downstream industry

"the overall price adjustment is quite cautious, because the overall situation of the steel industry this year is not good, and orders are the first consideration", Liu Qiuping said

in addition, it is worth noting that market monitoring shows that the average price of 25mm grade III deformed steel bars in key domestic cities on December 10 was 3647 yuan (ton price, the same below), up 14 yuan from last week; The average price of 6.5mm high-speed wire in key domestic cities was 3555 yuan, up 16 yuan from last week; The average price of 5.5mm hot rolled coil in key domestic cities was 3878 yuan, up 12 yuan from last week. This is still relatively rare in winter

at present, other steel mills have not issued the steel price policy in January. However, analysts predict that other steel mills may also be stable and have an upward trend, among which the price adjustment range of WISCO is about yuan/ton. Boosted by this, it is expected that the operating condition of large steel mills in January will be slightly better than that in December

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