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"We have formulated a rectification plan and are ready to reapply for entry into the list. A while ago, the report has been submitted to the provincial development and Reform Commission." After the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the list of steel regulatory enterprises recently, the person in charge of a disqualified enterprise told Shanghai Securities News

On the 24th, the Ministry of industry and information technology for the first time "cleaned up" 304 enterprises on the list of standardized enterprises in the steel industry from 2013 to 2015. A total of 29 enterprises were removed from the list and 40 enterprises were required to rectify. The revocation list includes not only subsidiaries of state-owned enterprises such as Baosteel and Hegang, but also large private enterprises such as Haixin steel

there are five reasons for the cancellation of enterprises this time: first, responding to the call of the state to reduce production capacity, taking the initiative to dismantle smelting equipment and withdraw from the steel industry; Second, illegal construction of medium frequency furnace equipment that has been officially eliminated by the state; Third, new steel production capacity in violation of laws and regulations; Fourth, the production has not been resumed for more than one year, and the enterprise has fallen into serious difficulties; Fifth, it failed to pass the review of the relevant provincial industrial authorities, most of which were shut down for many years, and the production and operation were abnormal. It was included in the capacity reduction plan and withdrew as a whole

According to several opinions of the Ministry of industry and information technology on promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the refractory industry, it is worth noting that in the second and third categories of enterprises, although the medium frequency furnace equipment of the enterprises has been removed and the illegal new production capacity has been rectified, they have also been withdrawn in order to play a warning role

although PVC is still very common in the Asian medical equipment market, the reason for the above disqualification is that "there are medium frequency furnace equipment officially eliminated by the state after the standard announcement". "Our medium frequency furnace has long been dismantled, and now there are still four electric furnaces in production that meet the requirements." The person in charge of the enterprise told. "However, the specification of the furnace has already belonged to the 'restricted category', because we are worried that it will become the 'eliminated category' in a few years, so we have made a rectification plan in advance, and four reduction furnaces will be replaced by two large electric furnaces, and the production capacity will also come down."

according to the regulations, enterprises that have made rectification in place and can continue to standardize production and operation in accordance with the requirements of the standard conditions can, in principle, re apply for compliance with the standard conditions for the iron and steel industry after 12 months from the date of revocation of the announcement

for enterprises that do not meet the standard conditions, the Ministry of industry and information technology has also made it clear that they should comprehensively use laws and regulations, economic and market means to gradually compress their living space and force them to withdraw from the market

"canceling the list is not equivalent to reducing its production capacity. As long as the enterprise is legal and compliant, it can produce, but it may have a certain impact on the enterprise." Jiangxiaodong, assistant to the president of the metallurgical industry planning and Research Institute, told Shanghai Securities News, "in terms of supporting policies such as enterprise financing and power consumption, some local banking institutions should review and standardize their qualifications in terms of lending and interest rate setting. Enterprises that are not on the list have disadvantages; in addition, large users in some regions also have corresponding qualification requirements for direct power purchase."

the dynamic adjustment of the standardized list reflects the gradual change of supply side reform ideas in the steel industry. This approach is in line with the general idea of the State Council to transform government functions and strengthen the supervision during and after the event. Its hardness, zigzag strength, impact strength and tensile strength can all reach the industry standards, transforming government management from standardizing the qualifications of market subjects to standardizing the behavior of market subjects

"in the future, the industry norms may become more strict and detailed." Analysts said, "it's not just about production capacity, environmental protection, safety, etc. in the future, it may involve debt processing, structural optimization, industrial chain optimization, green transformation and other aspects."

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