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The three integration project in Songjiang District of Shanghai will be launched after the year.

recently, it was reported from the operators of Songjiang district that the three integration work in Songjiang District is expected to start after the year at the fastest. According to the unified planning of Shanghai, by 2012, Shanghai urban areas will basically have the ability of fiber to the home, and the household broadband access capacity will reach 100 megabits per second

three convergence refers to the evolution of telecommunications, broadcast television and interconnection to broadband communication, digital television and next-generation interconnection. Its technical functions tend to be the same, its business scope tends to be higher than the expectations of consumers, and its network interconnection and resource sharing can provide users with voice, data, broadcast television and other services as expected by BMW

Therefore, this pair of parameters should also be considered when selecting models.

it is understood that the Shanghai three integration work coordination group held its first plenary meeting at the end of last month, marking the full launch of the Shanghai three integration pilot. The meeting put forward the goal of implementing the three integration pilot, which is to achieve five "national leaders" in five aspects: infrastructure level, pilot business scale, operation and management mode, application service level and key industry development

the relevant person of Songjiang Telecom said that the three integration work in our district will start as soon as after the Spring Festival. He said that after the completion of the three integration work, computers, televisions and will realize seamless connection, which will enable citizens to better enjoy the convenience brought by the Internet thermosetting molding boards, and greatly improve the quality of life of ordinary people. Shanghai

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