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In recent years, the production scale of domestic bearing industry has expanded rapidly, leaping to the fourth place in the world. There are nearly 2000 bearing enterprises, of which more than 900 are 1.01 ~ 1.20 enterprises with sales revenue of more than 5 million yuan, which can be called the first in the world. However, there are still some problems in China's bearing industry, such as low manufacturing technology level and low industry concentration, which is far from the standard of a strong bearing country

1. The manufacturing technology level of China's bearing industry is low

the manufacturing process and process equipment technology of China's bearing industry have been developed through ADDA, a DDS, a ddc3 address decoding to choose which route is slow, the NC rate of turning is low, and the automation level of grinding is low. There are only more than 200 automatic production lines in the country. In most enterprises, especially the old state-owned enterprises, traditional equipment is still the main production force. The coverage of advanced heat treatment processes and equipment that are crucial to the life and reliability of bearings, such as controlled atmosphere protection heating, double refinement, bainite quenching, etc., is low, and many technical problems have not been solved. The research and development of new steel types of bearing steel, the improvement of steel quality, and the research and development of related technologies such as lubrication, cooling, cleaning and abrasive tools cannot meet the requirements of improving the level and quality of bearing products. As a result, the process capability index is low, the consistency is poor, the product processing size dispersion is large, and the internal quality of the product is unstable, which affects the accuracy, performance, life and reliability of the bearing

2. The production concentration of China's bearing industry is low

among the world's bearing sales of about US $30billion, the world's eight major multinational companies account for. The two largest companies in Germany account for 90% of the national total, five in Japan account for 90% of the national total, and one in the United States accounts for 56% of the national total. In China, the sales of 7 bearing enterprises with annual sales of more than 1billion yuan, such as bearing shafts, account for only 28.3% of the whole industry, and the production concentration of the top 30 enterprises is only 43.6

3. The R & D and innovation capacity of China's bearing industry is low

due to the fact that most enterprises are still at a low level in the construction and operation of innovation system, capital investment in R & D and innovation, talent development, etc., and the above-mentioned scientific research institutions serving the industry are becoming enterprises, the state has no investment in the research of common technologies in the industry, thus weakening the function of industry-oriented R & D. Therefore, the "two weaknesses and two deficiencies" in the whole industry are prominent, that is, the basic theoretical research is weak, the participation in the formulation of international standards is weak, there are few original technologies, and there are few patented products. Therefore, the measurement range of pressure testing machines is also different. At present, our design and manufacturing technology is basically simulation, which has been consistent for decades. The product development ability is low, which is reflected in: Although the matching rate of domestic hosts reaches or 1.20mpa; 80, but the supporting and maintenance bearings of important main engines such as high-speed railway passenger cars, medium and high-grade cars, computers, air conditioners, high-level rolling mills, etc. are basically imported

by 2020, we will achieve the goal of becoming a powerful country in the world in terms of bearings, and the accuracy, performance, service life and reliability of products will reach the level of similar products of large foreign companies in the same period. The supporting bearings of major equipment will be localized: the design and manufacturing technology will reach the level of large foreign companies in the same period, and there are a number of independent intellectual property rights of core technologies; There is an advantageous enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, world-famous brands and strong international competitiveness; The total production and sales scale of the industry ranks in the forefront of the world, and a domestic holding enterprise has entered the top 10 in the world in terms of bearing sales; The industrial production concentration has reached more than 80

in view of the above situation, China has put forward the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" for the bearing industry. China's bearing industry will be market-oriented and enterprises as the main body, promote independent innovation ability and design and manufacturing technology upgrading, promote the construction of large groups and "small giants" enterprises, improve core competitiveness, improve production concentration, and realize the transformation from scale growth type to quality benefit type. In 2010, some products of some enterprises reached the level of international competitiveness, laying the foundation for joining the ranks of world bearing powers; By 2020, we will achieve the goal of entering the ranks of world bearing powers from a large bearing production country, and make contributions to accelerating the revitalization of China's equipment manufacturing industry

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