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Sany crane value service global tour: cool in hot summer

Sany crane value service global tour: cool in hot summer

China's construction machinery information depends on the speed and explosive force of the aircraft

in bright may, with the trumpet of Sany Heavy Lift division's "global tour of service", a huge The majestic service wind of the construction machinery industry is blowing in all corners of the world, comforting global customers with Sany's service enthusiasm. Of course, in Chongqing, the wind of Sany service has become a scenic spot in Chongqing market

June is the sunny season in Chongqing. Sany people are full of the spirit of customer first of Sany group. Even in hot summer, we must send cool air to customers in time like summer air conditioning

on June 2, 2014, a customer at a construction site in Chongqing called and said that the air conditioner on his car was not refrigerated. In the hot summer, how to operate in the hot sun without air conditioner? Thinking of these, I drove on the rugged and muddy construction site for more than three hours under the midday sun. After arriving at the construction site, I went directly to the customer's operation room to check the air conditioner for him. After half an hour of troubleshooting, it was found that the compressor could not be powered on. The customer changed the line and connected it again. After troubleshooting, he told the customer not to graft the line at will in the future, otherwise our company would not guarantee it. Although the whole body is wet, the customers are very satisfied with the speed and quality of our service. Their company bought our equipment because of the good service of Sany

on June 20, 2014, a hoisting company in Kaixian County, Chongqing (with 5 sets of equipment of our company) called to say that its 75 ton boom oil leakage occurred, and vigorously developed fine chemical products such as high-efficiency environmental protection catalysts and special surfactants. Because it was raining, the customer asked to wait two days for sunny weather to check the equipment. Due to the serious oil leakage of the boom, the customer's hydraulic oil loss was serious and delayed the normal construction. I thought this matter could not be delayed, otherwise the customer would inevitably complain, so I went directly to the customer's parking lot. Although the sky is raining, it can't stop Sany's steps. After the inspection, it was found that the pipe joint of the No. 2 oil cylinder in the boom leaked oil. On the premise of not delaying the customer's construction, reducing the loss of hydraulic oil and quickly dealing with the fault, I decisively asked my smaller colleague to drill in from the head of the five section boom, and then tightened the pipe joint in the narrow space of the boom one by one and tightened it with screw thread sealant. After my colleague crawled out of his arm, he was already a "wet man + oil man". The customer gratefully arranged the place for my colleague to change and eat. The customer said that Sany was always the most active and selfless person. I had an indissoluble bond with Sany since I bought the first Sany car in 2007, and I successively picked up five cars. Sany always moved me again and again with its most simple and authentic spirit, no matter what the product is, Trinity service has been the first in the world, and there is no one

just like Chongqing, a mountain city in summer, even though it is sometimes scorching sun and sometimes rainstorm, we Sany always serve every customer with our consistent simple spirit

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