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Third, the number carrying transfer of operators is on trial for one year, and only about 1% of users apply

the number carrying transfer is thunderous and small. The latest data released by the Ministry of industry and information technology shows that since the pilot work of number carrying transfer was launched in Tianjin and Hainan in November 2010, only 58260 users have been successfully transferred in China, accounting for about 37% of the number of users applying, with a success rate of less than 40%. In the last eight months, fewer than 10000 users in the two places have achieved number portability

the number of people applying for number transfer and the success rate are now "double low"

according to the data disclosed by the Ministry of industry and information technology, since the pilot of number transfer in Tianjin and Hainan for more than a year, a total of 158631 users have applied for number transfer, and compared with more than 17 million users in the two places, less than 1% of users have applied for number transfer; The number of successful applications is even lower, with only 58260 users being transferred, accounting for 37% of the total number of applicants. The number of applicants and the success rate are both low

since November 2010, the pilot of number carrying transfer, which has been brewing for a long time, was officially launched in Tianjin and Hainan. More than a year later, this "double low" answer sheet made the pilot of number carrying transfer a little embarrassed. In the first six months of the pilot program, citizens were still enthusiastic, with 49000 users being transferred; From the end of May last year to January 31 this year, only more than 9000 users have been added to the 400 meter race, which is the first half of the pilot "Jilin health material resources high-end utilization industry development plan (2013) (2020)" and "Jilin Province Regulations on stopping the production and sale and providing disposable non degradable plastic shopping bags and plastic tableware" (No. 244 government order). His 400 meter race results need to be shortened by about 4 seconds and a fifth, and the number of people carrying and transferring is far lower than expected

ceo Xiang Ligang said that there are two reasons for this situation: first, user demand - most ordinary users will not increase their troubles, and various operators have their own advantages in terms of price, quality and service level. "China Unicom WCDMA network is fast, its urban network coverage is good, but the rural network coverage needs to be improved; in terms of service level, China Mobile does better." The second is that users generally participate in the package contract plan, and the package is not over in the short term, so it is inconvenient to transfer

in addition, the competition between operators is also the problem that prevents users from switching. "Operators will not easily let customers go." Insiders said that although operators ostensibly did not violate the relevant regulations of number carrying transfer, they spared no effort to attract customers to each other, and various preferential activities have been launched to attract customers. Chen Jiachun, deputy director of the communication development department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, also said at a recent press conference that in order to retain users, "various telecom enterprises have launched a number of preferential tariff policies and improved service quality."

there is no hope to expand the pilot in the short term.

will the pilot transfer with number be expanded

Chen Jiachun, deputy director of the communication development department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that in the next phase of the pilot of number carrying transfer, the Ministry of industry and information technology and relevant departments "will focus on solving the problems and situations encountered in the test, speed up the improvement of the test plan, establish relevant mechanisms, strengthen the management of the test, and prepare for the scientific formulation of the next number carrying policy". However, he did not disclose whether the pilot scope would be further expanded and the timetable for the official promotion of number carrying transfer

as for whether the pilot area will be expanded, Xiang Ligang believes that it is difficult to expand the pilot area and unlikely in the short term. "The cost of carrying numbers is large, and the effect is not obvious, resulting in a negative attitude of the government and operators." Number carrying transfer involves the reconstruction of network system, management system and server, and the cost is huge; However, from the current pilot feedback, the effect on balancing the market and competitiveness is not obvious

Xiang Ligang said that there was a big gap between the market's prediction of the effect of number portability and the actual situation. In the early years, it was estimated that there were 80million users in the United States, but in fact, there were only about 8million users, accounting for only 10% of the expected number. Renwenjie, a researcher at first venture securities, believes that China Mobile has a mobile market share of more than 90% in the 2G era. One of the original intentions of the number carrying transfer is to build a balanced and competitive communication market. However, from the perspective of the current 3G market, China Mobile's market share has fallen to about 40% and is undertaking the task of T d industrialization. Therefore, it is still questionable whether it should expand the pilot scope of number portability

last year, China added 80million 3G users, and the 3G penetration rate was 13%. In the distribution of 3G market share, China Mobile accounts for 40%, China Unicom and Chinatelecom each account for 30%, showing a trend of three pillars

Review of the industry product performance stability sector

in November 2010, the Ministry of industry and information technology implemented the pilot work of number portability in Tianjin and Hainan. Users can apply for free to transfer from mobile to telecom or Unicom without changing their previous numbers. Tianjin adopts two-way transfer, that is, 2G users of mobile, telecom and Unicom can transfer to each other. Hainan implements one-way transfer, which is limited to 2G mobile users who can carry their numbers to telecom or Unicom

the Ministry of industry and information technology originally expected to end the six-month pilot period of number carrying transfer at the end of May 2011. Later, due to various problems in the pilot process, the pilot work continued to be postponed until now. Experts from the Ministry of industry and information technology said that the main purpose of number carrying transfer is to improve the service quality of operators. However, during the transfer period, problems such as the inability of automatic transfer of industry SMS, complex business processing processes, artificial barriers to market competition and so on are prominent. Users cannot carry number transfer in a variety of situations. The high transfer threshold and the increase of conversion costs sometimes lead to the rise of activity desks. These problems also pose challenges to the next stage of work. Southern Metropolis Daily

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