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Daqing drilling machinery plant's "three lifting" project plays a strong tone of development

Northeast November 2: in the new journey of "new high-tech battle" and ensuring the continuous and stable production of 40million tons of oil field, Daqing drilling machinery plant has vigorously implemented the "speed, efficiency and quality improvement" project, optimized production organization, strengthened technological innovation and strengthened quality improvement, closely focusing on the key issues restricting development, and has seen tangible results, It has laid a solid foundation for the completion of the annual production and operation tasks

optimize the production organization and improve the operation efficiency

based on the principle of "systematic consideration and advanced organization", the plant focuses on the core of high-quality and efficient drilling, plans in advance, prepares in advance, constantly optimizes the production organization, grasps the operation rhythm, improves the production efficiency, promotes the continuous improvement of the overall service quality of the whole plant, and ensures the production and demand of each drilling company. We have established a production organization guarantee system, established five production guarantee groups, including production organization, technical quality, safety supervision, labor competition and logistics support, strengthened mutual coordination and communication, regularly organized coordination meetings, analyzed the production situation in advance, clarified the operation objectives and measures, timely adjusted and controlled the production situation reasonably, developed and solved problems in the production process, and effectively ensured the safety, stability, efficiency and High quality operation. Strengthen the process control of production, overcome the difficulties of few front-line production personnel and backward equipment, adhere to working overtime for 24 hours to rush to repair drilling equipment, and provide strong service guarantee for the rapid production. Increase target management, improve the reward and punishment incentive mechanism, adhere to the completion of the workload, production timeliness, service quality into the assessment, by refining the reward and punishment assessment standards, adhere to the monthly strict assessment, hard cash, and constantly optimize and improve the performance evaluation system, establish new mechanisms, explore new models, form a good atmosphere of rewarding advanced and encouraging morale, and mobilize the production enthusiasm of all employees, It ensures that all speed-up measures are implemented in place, timely and accurately

strong production guarantee measures and effective assessment and incentive measures promote the substantial improvement of production and operation efficiency. In this month, 879 sets of drilling rigs and diesel engines were repaired, 570 sets of electrical equipment were repaired, 66 plank houses were made, 100 pieces of accommodation base were welded, 46 barite powder weighting tank bases and funnels were processed, 49 tons of machinery were processed, 661 people were served on the well, 115 screws were collected, 15831 tools were sent, and 49330 centralizers were used

relying on technological progress to achieve scientific development

adhering to the concept of "pursuing excellent quality and exceeding user expectations", this factory adheres to strengthening technological innovation, closely combining with production practice, developing new products in a targeted manner, and improving its efficiency

in view of the problem that high-voltage and variable-frequency motors cannot be detected, which affects the work efficiency and quality, the technology and quality department organized electrical maintenance technicians to tackle key problems, developed and built the first detection device for high-voltage motors and variable-frequency motors in Daqing, so that the machinery factory has the ability to test, analyze and process the technical parameters of high-voltage motors and variable-frequency motors, and passed the design II. Closed loop control review and acceptance at one time, It fills the technical gap of high-power motor test in Daqing area. A special intelligent automatic paralleling system has been developed to reduce the phenomenon of asynchronous operation, generator burning or shaft breaking caused by manual paralleling of the drilling crew. In the promotion of advanced technology, through the introduction and application of drill pipe phosphating and other technologies, the phenomenon of thread adhesion during the first use of drill pipe after repair is eliminated, and the maintenance level of drill pipe is effectively improved; By adopting electromagnetic heating technology to accurately control the heating temperature of bearings, the quality of equipment repair is improved, and the production and working environment is significantly improved; Through the introduction of carbon dioxide gas shielded welding technology, the production efficiency and production quality of metal structural products have been improved. The factory actively builds a technical management system, establishes and improves the management mechanism and reward mechanism, and vigorously builds a core technical talent team integrating academic leaders and technical backbones based on the principles of professional counterparts, complete categories, and high efficiency. It has successively recruited 12 newly graduated college students, introduced 2 professional talents in another important aspect of specialized education, and recruited 17 technicians, so that the talent and technical team continues to grow

promote and apply mature new processes and technologies, boldly innovate and test new technologies, so that the overall technical level of the machinery plant has jumped to a new level, and the development speed has produced a leap forward development. At present, it has been able to independently design and manufacture a variety of professional and technical products related to drilling production, such as solid control system, packaged water tank, generator room, gas source room, comprehensive room, etc

strengthen skill training to improve the overall quality

this factory takes strengthening basic work, strengthening staff skill training, widely carrying out post training activities, and standardizing the standardized operation of staff posts as the fundamental point to improve the overall management level, pay close attention to it, effectively improve the overall quality of staff, and enhance the technical strength and combat effectiveness of the staff team

in the way of "going out, please come in", three groups of 79 people were organized to visit Haier and Qingxin, and experts and professors were invited to the factory to hold two cadre management training courses. The knowledge training with "cadre management skills, team building, practical writing knowledge" as the main content was conducted for cadres above the middle level, and 11 technical backbones were sent to professional manufacturers such as Beijing and Zhejiang for Volvo generator set repair Pressure gauge calibration and weight indicator repair training. More than 700 kinds of books were provided for the grass-roots units, and CDs of "5S" management and performance management were purchased. The grass-roots team leaders, technicians, and the branch factory nanfanghuitong planned to use their railway trucks to make machines, weapons, ships, aircraft and other related business assets, liabilities, and the equity principals of subsidiaries to comprehensively and systematically study the "5S" management knowledge

the factory carried out post training activities with the content of "training skills, improving quality, and making new contributions to the factory" among the vast number of employees to improve the operating skills of post workers. It has organized and carried out "three comparisons and three views" (that is, comparing learning, improving quality, comparing service, looking at service attitude, comparing work, looking at personal performance); The first workers' technical sports meeting was mainly organized, and the first workers' technical elite was selected and commended, so as to stimulate the consciousness of workers to learn technology and practice skills; Combined with Haier's management philosophy of "no trivial matters in management, the quality of employees is the quality of leaders, only outdated supervisors, no outdated employees", the activity of "one question every day, one practice every week, one examination every month, and one competition every season" was carried out on the post, which improved the skill level and operational ability of employees. The operators of new posts were trained in the operating procedures of the hands-on way. By signing the "master and apprentice training contract", the training was implemented and the "master and apprentice" allowance system was established, which fully mobilized the enthusiasm of the master to guide and guide, and made the "master and apprentice" training effective. At present, the factory has held 52 training courses of various kinds, training 486 people. The qualification compliance rate of employees has reached 95%, and the one-time qualification rate of training results has reached 100%

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