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The 16th China Kunming international printing materials exhibition ended in Kunming on March 30. During the exhibition, the transaction amount reached more than 15 million yuan

this exhibition has leveled the plane utilization level of all concrete foundation. More than 80 printing and packaging machinery, equipment and paper suppliers from all over the country participated in the exhibition, and new materials were collected, which collected the latest products and new technologies such as domestic packaging machinery, paper consumables, digital printing, special printing and so on

the annual China Kunming International Printing Materials Exhibition has been successfully held for 15 times. Over the past 15 years, all previous exhibitions have focused on the display of new equipment, new technologies and new materials in China's printing and packaging industry, attracting a large number of printing and packaging enterprises from home and abroad to gather in spring city, and the exhibition has achieved continuous results. At present, this exhibition has developed into the largest and most influential professional exhibition in China's printing industry, and it is also an important platform and brand exhibition for the publishing industry according to the new report of research and markets, an exchange and cooperation research institution for ASEAN and South Asian countries

the exhibition was hosted by the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Publishing Bureau and Yunnan Publishing Group Co., Ltd., and undertaken by the Provincial Printing Industry Association and the provincial printing materials company

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