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China's Jushi Jiujiang glass fiber production base was put into operation today, and good news will be reported in the year when major projects take effect.

"year when major projects take effect" has achieved good results, and the "5+1" 100 billion characteristic industrial cluster has achieved fruitful results. On July 12, the launch ceremony of the glass fiber production base with an annual output of 350000 tons of China Jushi Jiujiang company was grandly held in the export processing zone of Jiujiang Economic Development Zone. Cao Jianglin, general manager of China Building Materials Group and chairman of China Jushi, Lin Binyang, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, and Zhang Yuqiang, chairman and CEO of China Jushi group, Professor Huang Junqin, President of China Jushi University of science and technology. The Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee and the mayor were very surprised. Xie Yiping made a speech

ten years ago, China Jushi made a great wish to build the largest and most advanced glass fiber production base in Central China in Jiujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone; Ten years later, a modern glass fiber base rose here. The full completion of Jushi Jiujiang glass fiber production base with an annual output of 350000 tons with a total investment of 4.3 billion yuan is not only a growth in production capacity, but also a leap in technology and quality. By relying on the superior strength of the headquarters and comprehensively adopting the optimal production layout and system, the latest technology and equipment, Jushi Jiujiang production base will have a more solid and powerful pace of transformation to high efficiency, high quality, intelligence and green

Cao Jianglin said in his speech that in recent years, China Jushi has been enterprising and down-to-earth in intelligent manufacturing, scientific and technological innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction, especially in the project construction, which is famous in the industry for its "Jushi speed". In just a few years, Jiujiang company of Jushi group has entered the fast lane of the leapfrog development of bio based aromatic synthesis technology, and has rapidly grown into a world-class glass fiber production base, Become a star enterprise in Jiangxi Province

Cao Jianglin said that in recent years, Jiujiang has made encouraging achievements in economic development and has great market potential. China Building Materials Group is very optimistic about the future development prospects of Jiujiang, and is willing to participate in promoting the economic and social development of Jiujiang, explore new paths for the in-depth cooperation between central enterprises and local governments, summarize new experience, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. China Building Materials Group will fully support the development of Jushi and support Jushi Jiujiang company to make more contributions to the local economy in the process of development

entrusted by Lin Binyang, Xie Yiping, on behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, extended warm congratulations on the production of the base. He said that Jushi group is not only the backbone enterprise of China Building Materials Group, but also the leading enterprise in the world glass fiber industry. As the largest glass fiber enterprise in Central China, Jushi group Jiujiang Co., Ltd. has always paid attention to innovation and development, and its production capacity ranks among the top three in the world. In 2017, the export earned US $61 million, and the tax paid was 100 million yuan. It won many honors such as "national green factory" and "Jinggangshan Quality Award", and made positive contributions to the economic and social development of Jiujiang

Xie Yiping pointed out that at present, our city is carrying out the "year of effective major projects" in an in-depth manner and making every effort to build a "5+1" 100 billion industrial cluster, which requires a large number of major projects to strengthen the foundation and support, and a large number of backbone enterprises to shoulder the heavy burden and make the main attack. Hope to then complete the forced loading of the experimental zone. Jiujiang company of wangjushi group takes the production of the base as a new starting point, deeply cultivates Jiujiang, extends the industrial chain, further consolidates the leading position in the industry, and makes new and greater contributions to building a 100 billion industrial cluster of new materials in Jiujiang. We will firmly establish the concept of "serving the enterprise is our bounden duty", track the whole process, give full support, serve wholeheartedly, escort the enterprise and help the enterprise become bigger and stronger

After the ceremony, the participating leaders visited the production line of Jiujiang company of Jushi group

Yang Guoming, vice president of China Jushi and President of Jushi group, Luo Wenjiang, vice mayor and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jiujiang Economic Development Zone, and Wu ZHAOYOU, Secretary General of the municipal Party committee attended the ceremony

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