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China Life Insurance 95519 Center: improve customer service ability and quality constantly

over the past five years, China Life Insurance has actively promoted the modernization of informatization and service means, and is committed to building and constantly improving the customer-centric service system. The company continues to improve service methods, innovate service means, expand service platforms, improve the ability and quality of customer service, and the communication channels between the company and customers are more diversified, So as to improve customer satisfaction

figure: China Life Insurance's spacious and bright central workplace

by the end of 2010, China Life Insurance's national 95519 center had a total of 2038 staff, including 1096 front-line call in customer service representatives, and the new hydrogel material of call out customers has a wide prospect. How can the concrete pressure testing machine be maintained and used correctly to make the test results more accurate? There are 671 service representatives. In 2010, the number of manual connections was 14.01 million, and the number of successful return visits was 17.62 million

its service items include consultation, inquiry, complaint, suggestion, appointment, change of contact information, termination of automatic transfer authorization, case reporting, loss reporting, activation card activation, new order return visit, grace period return visit, effectiveness suspension return visit, return visit about to be permanently invalid, temporary special return visit and questionnaire survey return visit, etc

the company has continuously strengthened the management of operation indicators, operation monitoring, performance appraisal, staff scheduling and traffic forecasting, strengthened training guidance, and established a daily monitoring system. The 95519 manual connection rate reached 93.18% in 2010, and has remained above 92% for many years. The load rate has also increased from 50.81% in 2009 to 55.96% in 2010. It has become a benchmark for the call center of the insurance industry

by continuously improving the return visit process, standardizing the return visit caliber, upgrading the return visit system and strengthening the system support, the success rate of 95519 return visit has continued to improve, and the success rate of the new order return visit of the system has increased from 71.48% in 2009 to 80.4% in 2010

the company also strengthened the standardized and professional management of central services. Through the continuous improvement of rules and regulations such as operation manual, central insurance policy service scheme, call quality monitoring management measures, post service standards, the development of unified training courseware and the holding of annual centralized training, we will strengthen the power, but in the technical path, it is pointed out that we will vigorously promote the standardized construction of its call center on cars

China Life Insurance continued to promote 95519 service quality management, and introduced "five-star" service quality management measures to ensure service quality and continue to build 95519 service brand. Customer service satisfaction has increased year by year, from 8.3 points in 2007 to 9.1 points in 2010

since 2004, China Life Insurance has won the best call center award in China for seven consecutive years, and the best call center award in the world in 2007. 10 branch centers have passed the CCCS certification, and the professional operation and management level has been further improved

secondly, the demand and service capacity of SMS services have increased significantly, becoming one of the important windows for company services and information release

by integrating and formulating unified customer notification service management rules, China Life Insurance has developed a new customer contact system and uniformly managed the sending channels of customer notification services, laying the foundation for providing customers with unified and standardized notification services and creating a precedent for customer notification services in the financial industry

at present, the company provides customers with various business notices, value-added service notices, brand publicity, etc. through SMS. The company has sent 148 business notices to customers through real-time triggering, batch extraction and other methods; It takes time and effort to provide customers with a variety of value-added services such as holiday greetings, health care, etc. through manual mass messaging. Company customers and marketers rely heavily on SMS notifications. In 2010, the number of SMS sending applications reached 420million, which was 8 times of the total number sent in 2006 and 240 times of the total number sent in 2004 when the system was just completed. At present, the company is improving the SMS system, platform, channel and other aspects in order to improve the performance and service capacity of the SMS system as soon as possible. Financial Times

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